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If you answer yes to these questions, you’re in the right place.

  • Ever wondered how to make a great man want to commit to you?
  • You’re successful in your career and personal life but want to find the right man to share your life with?
  • You are over spending your nights alone and want a good man by your side?
  • Do you feel lost and giving up on love and men?
  • Have you come out of a bad break up or new to the dating scene?
  • Wondering why do my relationships last months but not years?
  • Why did he not call me back and vanish on me?
Dating Relationships

 We teach you the secrets of the male mind, empowering you to attract the best quality of men and keep them hooked for good.

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You may be thinking –  ‘How can I find the time to find a desirable man when managing a busy schedule, working full time and having an active social life?’ Instead of digging through countless magazines, hundreds of books and wasting time and money on so called “Love Gurus” with their generalised seminars, dive right in to Make Him Mine’s personalised ‘Love Discovery Session’ with our highly skilled coaches. Get the answers and information that relates exactly to your situation and set of circumstances.

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Imagine this

Imagine having the keys to the male mind and understanding what men truly want.

Imagine never being confused by men and having the power of finally being in control of your dating destiny.

Imagine eliminating self-limiting beliefs and overcoming your insecurities around high-value men – becoming an empowered woman brimming with sexy confidence and self-esteem.

Imagine that attractive sexy man approaching you and asking you on a date – the guy who you never thought would ever notice you.

Imagine being on a date with your ideal man and before you know it he is the one asking you to take the relationship to the next level.

Imagine being in that dreamy relationship knowing how to keep the passion and excitement alive so that the flames of love never die.

And most of all.. Imagine having the power to choose from many high-valued men wanting to commit to you!

We know what high-value men want and think.

Many years ago, we started coaching men on how to meet women just like YOU. Through this, we’ve learned more about what good men  are looking for in a woman they want to have a committed relationship with.

These guys weren’t the social outcasts that you would expect. They were successful, (many times) good-looking guys just looking for some wisdom on meeting women and he finer points of relationships.

Overtime, we were increasingly contacted by women asking for dating advice both on the internet and in person. Our inbox was packed with emails from women asking me to help them understand and attract quality men.

We would get questions like:

“Why do my relationships last a short time?”

“How do I get this guy Im seeing to commit to me?”

“Why do I always seem to attract the players?”

After working with countless men we knew the answers. We learned what attracts the best quality of guys and gets them hooked for good and how you can take advantage of this to get the love life you want.

We teach exactly what we learned to women just like you!

Australia's Premiere Dating Coaching for Women

Make Him Hime is Australia’s revolutionary dating & relationship coaching company that empowers women who want something more out of their life. It’s your unfair advantage on other women who just wait for something to fall into their lap.

Through thought-provoking blogs & videos, easy-to-understand programs and our transformational live workshops, Make Him Mine demystifies modern dating and relationships. Make Him Mine teaches women the exact steps to finding, attracting and keeping their Mr Right and action plans to have the love life they have always wanted.

At Make Him Mine, you are presented with easy to understand and follow strategies they can immediately take advantage of to improve the quality of your dating and relationships. Our dating coaching is unlike anything else available in Australia. We focus on:

– how to effortlessly communicate with high value men that makes you irresistible in their mind

– how to easily go from dating to a committed relationship

– how to ensure you experience a passionate love that grows

The foundation of what Make Him Mine teaches has been formulated through countless hours of study and observation, practical application as well as research – both academic and from interviewing desirable men who are actively seeking a relationship. The result is thoroughly tried and tested methods of attracting inspirational and highly valued men – the men that are a ‘catch’.

The results are remarkable. Check the case studies to see how Make Him Mine helped transform the lives of women who were ready for an extraordinary love and who wouldn’t settle for second best…

Your Coaches

About Andrew Hodge, The Founder & Head Coach of Make Him Mine

AndrewMake Him Mine is the life’s work of Andrew Hodge – Motivational speaker, author and relationship coach. Andrew is one of Australia’s most dedicated and passionate coaches in love and the art of attraction. Having coached countless men and truly understanding what great men think and feel when it comes to love and dating, he has successfully transferred his innovative coaching to women based on this invaluable insight and experience. Andrew thrives on coaching and empowering women to be the sexy, confident women that exists somewhere inside of them but they can’t seem to connect with on their own.

Andrew has dedicated his life to self-improvement, the quest for knowledge and to constantly improve the offerings of Make Him Mine. Andrew ensures that the amazing women he works with are provided with nothing but the very best in his programs, videos/blogs and live workshops & seminars.

A personal message from Andrew to YOU!

“From my experience the women who have usually left their love lives up to chance, have ended up with the wrong man. The women who really excel in all areas of their life, let alone dating and relationships, are women who have the understanding that nothing happens without commitment and a clear roadmap to success. This desire to improve oneself is an investment in themselves as they are their own greatest asset. It’s an exciting time – I can’t wait to hear your story, what makes you unique and to be a part of your journey in life and love! I look forward to seeing you at one of my live events and let’s make this happen together!”

I wish you all the best in life and love.”

andy filming

About Louie Rossi, Relationship Coach


Louie Rossi – musician, author, speaker and former men’s sexuality and relationship coach is driven by the desire to help people establish and maintain healthy relationships. Louie has dedicated many years of his life to studying the intricacies and complexities in the way men and women relate. He is constantly adding to his wealth of knowledge in this important area.

Louie employs an empathetic approach to his coaching which covers a broad range of areas including (but not limited to) dating, communication skills, intimacy and long-term relationship dynamics. Louie’s life experience, his thirst for knowledge and his methodology set him apart from what traditional dating coaches have to offer. With an emphasis on open and honest communication, women are effortlessly guided toward the relationship, intimacy, and emotional goals they desire most.

Louie strongly believes that women thoroughly deserve rewarding love lives based on a foundation of healthy communication and a deeper understanding of self. This serves as a basis to continuously renew attraction, deepen intimacy, and most of all – to strengthen the commitment within a relationship. He is a firm believer that healthy relationships contribute to physical, mental, and emotional stability and happiness of not just the individual, but to society as a whole.

A personal message from Louie to YOU!

Ive found that the smart women who take charge of their love life not only succeed in dating and relationships, but go onto succeeding in every area of their life. I’m passionate about relationships and social dynamics. I want nothing more than to share it with women who are open to it. Are you open to having the love life you’ve always wanted? If so – I can’t wait to work with you!

I really enjoy getting to know each and every woman who is ready and willing to gain the valuable growth and skills that ensure success in love and ultimately life. I look forward to sharing everything I have learned and being part of your growth! Your time is precious and every second counts!

Enjoy the journey and hope to work with you soon!”

About Rob Mellet, NLP and Hypnotherapist


Rob specialises in helping people change their personal psychology to overcome their pain and frustration from previous relationships. He also is a specialist in helping clients dissolve self-limited beliefs that hold them back from engaging men in dating and relationships.

Using his extensive knowledge of psychology and therapy he’s consistently been successful in helping clients heal the guilt and doubts after breakups and changes their invisible scripts so that they feel confident and strong when speaking to their potential life partners.

Rob’s skill sets and dedication to his craft bring Make Him Mine to another level.


“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
Work like you don’t need money,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
And dance like no one’s watching.”

Robert Westerburg