How To Propose To Your Dream Man

Are you ready to get married? Are you positively, entirely sure that the man you are with propose now, is the man you want to share your life with? Is he the one? Tired of waiting for him to propose? Then dare to be different, take the plunge and propose to him. There is nothing wrong with letting him know you are ready to make a commitment! Shake off the belief that it’s better to wait for the man to propose. Some studies would say, for a men to work down the aisle a female proposal is necessary.  Read More: Hоw Tо Gеt A Guу Tо Aррrоасh Yоu That Leads To A Great Date

If you are sure that you’re ready and you feel like your relationship is heading that way, be prepared and learn how to propose to your man.Here are fun ideas to propose to your man that might just give you a yes:

1.Keep things simple

It is risky enough to propose to your man because you’ll never know his response so keep it sweet, simple and private. Public proposals can be extremely romantic and exciting but when many people are watching, he may feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or manipulated and his answer may be walking away from you and your proposal. You can give him a sweet note, it’s simple yet meaningful and very personal. Write how you love him and how happy you are that you’re together and perhaps place that ring with that note. Read More: How Can I Stop Feeling Insecure About My Boyfriend’s Exes

2. Use his hobbies

Be creative and show him your interest with the things he likes to do. He’d feel valued knowing that you accept his interests no matter how quirky they can be.

3.Dinner at home

There’s nothing more romantic than preparing for a special night at home for your man. Cook his favorite meal, maybe you can add candles or a bottle of champagne and music too. You can even dress for the night, ready that killer smile to sweep him off his feet. Read More: What Do You Really Want In Your Relationship ?

4.Relive your first date

Remind him of how it all started. Relive how that great beginning can bring you to a more serious and lasting relationship.

5.Do something newLove

Try something new together; a new experience can make your relationship more exciting. Show him that you can be adventurous and fun for the rest of your lives together.

It is normal to feel nervous, what matters are you are honest about your feelings. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Do not just focus on his yes because it might get you distracted. You don’t need a script to propose, trust your feelings and listen to your heart because it only speaks of the purest intention for the man you love.

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