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Are You Ready For Love or Not?

Just because we want something it doesn’t always mean that we’re ready for it. Yet.

When we date most of us are looking for a committed, long term relationship and marriage and we go through our dating journey with our fairytale ending firmly fixed in our mind. It is also true that on our dating journey many of us are not actually ready (yet) to make a deep and lasting commitment to said fairytale, but we continue to date anyway often because we just can’t stand the silence and loneliness any longer.

Sometimes you just want to get your immediate physical and emotional needs met and you don’t want to think about the things that are complicating your life or about taking the time to become ready. On the other hand – you could be involved with somebody who are dealing with issues on ‘their side’ and you have to decide whether it’s worth it to you to ride out a few storms with this person.

There can be many small and huge, elephant-in-the-room size obstacles that may interfere with a new relationship (even if you do ignore it in the beginning) because you’re having a great time! Going through a break-up, divorce, legal issues, financial issues, physical or mental health challenges, child and family issues, career demands, still pining for your ex issues etc. are some of these.. any of them familiar to you?

When you choose to do this you could unconsciously be setting yourself up for failure in your relationship and keep repeating this pattern until you take the time out to do the work you need to do to make sure you are truly ready to meet your new love. Getting involved in a relationship before you are ready can create a shaky foundation of unfinished business that can eventually bring a potentially successful relationship crashing down. Sounding a bit morbid and dramatic? True nonetheless!

It is so important to be completely honest with yourself about where you are in your life right now and whether you are bringing any issues and baggage into a new relationship. Don’t allow loneliness and fear to lead you to make choices that don’t support the beautiful vision you created for yourself. By the way – nothing wrong with baggage. We all have it and I’ve learnt to love my own because I have tried my best to deal with it and let go of an awful lot of stuff. It brings depth and experience and beauty into a relationship – as long as there is acknowledgement and action to deal with it in the places it can sabotage instead of heal.

Take your time and get to know yourself again. So often I hear from women who are single after a long term relationship or marriage that they just don’t know who they are anymore, that they feel a real loss of purpose and identity after putting everybody else ahead of themselves for so long. Make the choice to grow and live life fully on your terms first before getting back into another relationship. This is not to say that you can’t date, can’t have fun or should stop looking! It just means‘Take care of your heart and pay attention to the things in your life that needs your time and focus so you can move on feeling light and free and open to new love!”

We hope you’ll make the right decisions to achieve the work life balance necessary to ensure your career goals are met while nurturing the health of your love life. You deserve and amazing life full of rewarding experiences, passion and adventure and we are here to help your dreams come true so contact us NOW for a FREE ‘Love Discovery Session’ and gain greater clarity about where you want to go in love and relationships. You’ll come away with the initial steps in getting the love life perfectly suited for you. It’s an illuminating, fun and empowering process designed for ambitious women who want to find lasting love!

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