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Staying in a Marriage When You Love Your Spouse But Are Not in Love

Is it right to stay in a marriage when you love your spouse, but are not ‘in love’? Isn’t it unfair to your spouse – and yourself? Being in love with someone is not the same as loving someone. What is the difference? When two people are dating and newly married, they are infatuated with each other. They are madly ‘in love’ with each other. The feelings of joy and ecstasy when they look at each other are very strong. You can’t imagine not feeling this way.

As time passes, however, these strong feelings of passion are replaced with more powerful love. TRUE love. When you’ve reached a point in your marriage when you feel like you’re not in love with your spouse anymore, your love has moved on to being a greater, truer love. Read More: Apologizing Does Not Always Mean That You Are Wrong

While true love doesn’t bring you the same feeling that being ‘in love’ does, it really is more powerful. The bond between you and your spouse has grown so strong that you’ve settled into a ‘comfort zone’, so to speak. You know, in you heart, that nothing will come between the two of you. You will be there for each other, no matter what.

A lot of people think that when they no longer have that feeling of being ‘in love’ with their spouse, that their marriage is dying. Since they don’t feel the same way, there is something wrong. They think that staying in a marriage when you love your spouse, but are not in love with them, is senseless. Please don’t think this way.

Look deep within your marriage. All the ups and downs the two of you have had. All of the tough times the two of you have weathered together. All of the good times that you’ve had. All of these things have brought you closer together. They have built the bond of ‘true love’. Read More: Message Tips For Online Dating

There are many stages of marriage. As we grow older, we change. Both physically and mentally. As we change, so does our marriage. Just because it changes doesn’t mean it is worse. It means that it is growing – that it is strengthening. It is becoming a stronger marriage every day.

Although the feelings of infatuation aren’t there, you don’t have to lose the spark in your marriage. When you bring the spark back, you will feel the feelings of being ‘in love’ again, if only for a little while. Make a date with your spouse. Go out and do something that the two of you used to do together. Have FUN with each other again. You will feel that spark come back into your marriage. Read More: Do You Still Love Your Ex? What Should You Do?

Is it worth staying in a marriage when you love your spouse, but are not ‘in love’ with them anymore? It definitely is. When you start missing the feeling of being ‘in love’, do something about it. Spend some quality time with your spouse. The more you do, the more those feeling will come back.

There are many ways to bring back the feelings of being in love with your spouse. Imagine where you could be in a short while – once again in a happy marriage.

It is very possible, and it is easy to do.

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