Case Studies & Success Stories

An in-depth case study of one of Make Him Mine’s clients who successfully entered into a healthy relationship after going through the coaching process



Nova was 36 and based in Vernon, British Columbia (Canada) and works full time. At the time of the coaching she had been divorced for 4 years. She first married when she was 31 and got divorced 1.5 years later. After the divorce she jumped into a rebound relationship with a friend that lasted 6 months. After that she didn’t date for nearly a year. After this relationship she realised she wasn’t ready to date and this non-dating period lasted 1 year. When she finally started dating all her ‘relationships’ (if she could call them that) were very short –  She would meet someone she liked and vice versa so instead of dating she would just assume they were in a relationship. She constantly found herself with emotionally unavailable guys with the longest of these relationships usually lasting only 3-4 months. Her longest ever relationship lasted approxrimately 3 years.

Nova reached out to Make Him Mine as she was ready to establish something meaningful and for it to last a lifetime.


Via Skype, Louie initially conducted the ‘Love Discovery Session’ and ongoing coaching with Nova.

Through their time together they acted on the following:

He delved deep into the personality, values, wants and needs of Nova and identified and successfully collapsed the self limiting beliefs she had around men, dating and relationships.

He conducted detailed analysis of her past relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. He went into thorough detail exploring how she communicated and related to the men in her life.

He went into detail about how modern men think and act – focusing on what they want and more importantly, need.

Through a fresh perspective on herself, men and dating, Louie helped Nova re-write her online dating profile and more effectively presented her wants and needs to the world.

He armed with her new and tailored ways of understanding and communicating with the kind of man she was looking for focusing on what he really wants, and more importantly, needs.

He implemented a range of tailored exercises for Nova to work through that boosted her self-esteem and encouraged her to seek out high value men without the fear of rejection.

He coached her through her dates and helped her understand the experiences she was having with her potential suitors.

She found her ideal man on her second date (after the coaching began) and within 3 months of the coaching had entered into an exclusive relationship with the love of her life.


Make Him Mine’s objectives were to get to know the intricacies of her personality, to find out how she would screen a potential partner and how she went about dating. It was important to uncover and collapse Nova’s self limiting beliefs about men, dating and relationships while to uncover and identify what her core values are. Also, Make Him Mine’s found it important to connect her with her core values and help restore her self confidence – to reconnect her with what makes her a high value woman and to ensure this sense of self-worth only grew in strength as time went on.

In regards to dating skills, Make Him Mine sought to teach her how to how more effective dates i.e. to be able to quickly uncover and illicit the values of the men she was dating – saving her valuable time in working out who was Mr Right.

Make Him Mine also wanted to ensure that she had a deeper understanding of what makes a healthy relationship ensuring that when she would established a healthy relationship from day 1 of finding her ideal high value man.


nova3She was using a combination of online and offline dating to try and find a man to spend the rest of her life with.

She was starting to feel lonely and the quality of men she was dating was either low or they didn’t want to commit. She was becoming increasingly frustrated with the whole dating scene and process leading her to think finding a good man and having the life she wanted was becoming an impossibility. She also felt helpless in her ability to change her destiny and her love life.

She was increasingly becoming more generally sad and her lust for life was starting to wain coupled with a low self-esteem.



Nova’s self esteem started to increase and she found a new level of self-love and self-respect. She found it easier to communicate her wants and needs to potential suitors.

She wasn’t afraid of rejection anymore and actively went after her ideal men.

She found her ideal man on her second date (after the coaching began) and within 3 months of the coaching had entered into an exclusive relationship with the love of her life.


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