One-on-One Coaching for single women and women in relationships

  • Where are all the high value men and how to attract them?
  • Are you repeatedly meeting or dating men who don’t want to commit to something more meaningful?
  • We had a great date so why didn’t he call me back?
  • Why can’t I find a man who loves and understands me?
  • I’m a catch – why am I still single?
  • Why are men so confusing?
  • Will I ever be able to love again?

If you find yourself asking these questions then Make Him Mine’s personalised coaching is for you – don’t wait a minute longer!

Some of What You’ll Learn and What Your Life Will Be Like After Make Him Mine’s Personalised Coaching:

  • Express the sexy confidence that men can’t resist.
  • Be in control of your dating & love life.
  • Inspire men to commit and cultivate sexual, emotional and physical chemistry that binds you together.
  • Effortlessly create fulfilling connections with men that are looking for relationships.
  • Quickly understand what a man is truly wanting and ready for during the first date.
  • Attract your relationship-ready ‘Mr Right’.
  • Break patterns of negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Flirt authentically leading to high quality dates.
  • Quickly assess and screen out the men that aren’t right for you based on your values and what you want out of love & life.
  • And a whole lot more!
“Make Him Mine really knows how to empower a woman to have the love and life she has always wanted. How do I know? cos that’s exactly what they did for me with their personalised coaching and now I’m planning my wedding!’ – Nova- 36 (Canada)

A Holistic and Practical Approach To Dating & Relationship Success

Make Him Mine is not going to offer you gimmicks or cookie-cutter strategies to use in your dating life. Why? Because a quick-fix approach will only hurt your chances for love and you’ll be just left with temporary and superficial results.

Working together, we’ll dig deep into the reasons you’ve arrived at where you are in your love life today, and explore what’s needed to help you achieve your most important goals and the love life you’ve always wanted.

What do you ultimately want out of a relationship?

How do you make it happen?

We’ll replace all the myths and confusion about dating with a refreshing new perspective and have a lot of fun along the way.

This transformational process will not only make you generally happier, it will prepare you for the right man to come into your life. A man who will understand, love and cherishing the real you.

 All of the dating coaching we’ll be giving you is based on our experience creating successful relationships for smart women and highly eligible men.

We know what works as we are passionate about how men and women relate – its our life’s work.

With Make Him Mine supporting you on your journey in love, you’ll establish a foundation that will help create meaningful connections with others.

You’ve invested time, attention and money into your education and your career; why would you not make an investment in your personal life?

image_to_go_with_andrew_quote‘Our coaching is for people who refuse to have anything less than an extraordinary life. After the one-on-one coaching program with Make Him Mine, you’ll be on the fast track to significant results. Together we will dive in deep and clear what is holding you back in your ability to connect with a high valued man. We’ll develop a program to meet your individual needs resulting in you becoming more engaged in your life, free from the fears that keep you stuck, and filled with new levels of excitement for dating & relationship success

Andrew Hodge, Director of Make Him Mine.

We’re ready to work together if:

  • You’re ready for an extraordinary life filled with love
  • Love and a rewarding relationships are priorities for you
  • You’re a catch, but you know you need a shift in your perspective
  • You understand that you are your own greatest asset and highest priority
  • You’re open to constructive feedback and understand that you may need to push past your comfort zone
  • You’re wanting to share your life with an amazing person man

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