• Are you successful in your career and in your personal life but want to find the right man to share your life with?
  • Are you over spending your nights alone?
  • Are you wondering how to make a great man want to commit to you?
  • Are you wanting to meet and connect with higher quality men?
  • Are you wanting to use the secrets of the male mind to unlock the heart of your ideal man?
  • Are you trying to work out why you are single when you are such a great catch?

“Find Him – Attract Him – Make Him Mine” – How to capture the man of your dreams, compel him commit and fall in love with you.

Make Him Mine unlocks the secrets to the male mind so you can easily attract your ideal man and make him yours for life.

In two days you will learn in depth principles from the Make Him Mine team on how to find him, attract him and get him to want to commit to you. This is a transformational experience that is unique to Make Him Mine.

Let Make Him Mine empower you in person – turning ‘I know’ into ‘I do’

IMAGINE getting out of bed with your ideal man – having nothing to do all day and just enjoying each others company.

Imagine feeling safe and secure in a good man’s arms – knowing that he has eyes for you and you only. You know he would do anything for you and he gets along with your friends and family. He truly strives to make you happy and look after you. He takes you on exciting adventures and makes you feel like beautiful woman that you are. Every time he kisses you it makes you feel warm inside.

Imagine your with a guy that fits your life and it just works. You feel that this guy is the one it feels so right. You no longer dread the question ‘Do you have a boyfriend/husband?’ and you look forward to each to and every single day building a life with your man.

“Andrew and Louie really know how to empower a woman to have the love and life she has always wanted and deserves. How do I know? cos that’s exactly what they did for me!’ – Nova (British Columbia, Canada)


Maybe you’ve read Make Him Mine’s ebook or just followed our YouTube videos. And that’s great.

But there’s something life-changing and transformative about this LIVE workshop that can’t be captured in any other way…

Imagine yourself in a beautiful setting with amazing women just like you, who are committed to making their love life a priority.

Now imagine yourself immersed in a one-of-a-kind experience where you’re growing, breaking through self-limiting beliefs barriers, learning and getting insights into dating & men you could never have on your own – all while having a fun time!

 Make Him Mine’s Signature ‘Love & Commitment’ Weekend Workshop will invigorate and open doors for you in ways like no other..

That’s because, rather than being passive, your being active by taking the important steps of taking real action and committing to the process and connecting with other women who are on the same path.. Saying YES to love!


In Make Him Mine’s 2 Day live event Andrew and his team will give you the keys to unlock the male mind – empowering you with the toolkit you need to connect with your ideal man’s mind and more importantly, heart.

This is for women you want to truly want to become empowered in their dating life and what to know how men really think.

Over the 2 days we will cover and explore:

  • Explore where high quality men are and how to instantly connect with them
  • Break down modern dating & social dynamics in depth
  • Dissolve self-limiting beliefs and reframe negative mindsets around dating, relationships & men
  • Reframe any negative mindsets you have of yourself and raising your self esteem
  • Uncover what men really want and need in relationships – a deep level of understanding of male psychology so you can use this to your advantage and make him more attracted to you
  • In-depth understanding of the attraction and bonding process – from ‘Hi’ to ‘Marry me?’
  • Advanced conversation and flirting skills
  • How to go after your ideal man without the fear of rejection
  • How to have amazing first dates that uncover the values and true desire of the man you are dating so you know right away if he is Mr Right or Mr Right Now.
  • Minimise the chances of a high value man flaking on you after the first date and have him chasing you for the 2nd date & more
  • How to quickly work out if he is a keeper or a player – Saving yourself months or even years.
  • How to effectively deal with nervousness and any social anxiety
  • In-depth texting – how to text without coming across as needy, how to spike attraction via texting and what to do when he doesn’t text back
  • How to make a man feel more masculine while building his attraction to you
  • What men really think about sex and how to use this to your favour – Advanced tips on having an amazing sex life (from Make Him Mine’s female sexuality coach)

And the CORE of the MAKE HIM MINE offering:

  • Understand what makes a man fall in love and how to elicit this emotion from him – Get him to say those three magical words to you first!
  • How to get that special man in your life to commit to you and think it was his idea!
  • How to keep him after the honeymoon period and lay the foundations of an relationship and love that grows! …And much, much more.

You get a whole weekend’s worth of coaching surrounding by amazing women for what you would usually pay for 4 hours of one-on-one coaching – Unbeatable value for money!

This is a rare opportunity for you to quickly learn powerful and proven techniques for attracting, keeping and understanding your Mr. Right.

The best part is that you’ll walk away with your step-by-step action plan that you can start using STRAIGHT AWAY! 

You’ll learn more in this weekend than you could in years by reading self-help books at home alone, not to mention have a lot more fun doing it!

If you want 2016 to be your most successful year in love yet, you simply can’t miss out on this life-changing and transformative learning experience

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