Even if your website has all the necessary for clients clear information, many of them usually ask many questions about your services, prices and other important for them things. You should not answer every question one by one. Just compose the list of the most frequently asked question and give the full and complete answers for them.

How can a guy coach women regarding the dating issues women face?

I’ve been working with high-value men for many years and we know exactly how they think and feel – and more importantly exactly what they are looking for a woman in the way of a life-long partner/marriage. On top of this, We been immersing myself in dating & relationships from both sides of the equation and I’ve had very real success in helping women just like you find him, attract him and make him yours for life. Check out the case studies and testimonials. Come along to a free event – you have nothing to lose and only a life-long love to gain. e knowledge about how the male mind operates and what attracts men than we do.

Is this just for divorced and desperate older women?

Not at all! This is for anyone who wants to take charge of the quality of their dating and relationships. We all want better in life and this is for anyone who deep down knows they deserve something more. Its for the person who doesnt want to settle for second best or at worst, nothing at all. My workshops and seminars have been crafted to give you something better in your life if you indeed want it – the choice is yours and we have the skills and experience to make it a reality.

What makes your message any different to the books out there?

First off, I don’t focus on the standard self-help nonsense nor do we just blurt out feel good information designed to fill you with false promises. My programs and methodology is transformational and not just informational – You will come away ready to go out and approach your dating life backed by a working formula and literally transforrned as your self-limiting beliefs and everything else holding you back will dissolve away. I wont ask you to become something you already not but instead with my coaching I will literally coach the sory and confident you out of you! I’ve dedicated my life to bridging the gaps between the sexes and I’m passionate about what I do – what I offer simply cannot be achieved just with books alone (but they can be a great starting point!)

I go on dates all the time as they are easy to get, why should I attend your workshop?

Very good question and Im glad you asked me this. Make Him Mine is more than just about going on and arranging dates. But finding Mr Right, attracting him and making him yours for life takes much more than going out on a date and laughing at his jokes. It takes an indepth understanding of the male psyche, it takes your Mr Right to want to commit to you long-term and most importantly its about ensuring that your love grows. Divorce rates are at an all time high and marriage rates at an all time low – there is a problem out there in society. Make Him Mine is committed to ensuring you are ready to tackle all the obstacles in making your Mr Right more than just your Mr Right now.