Our Happy Clients

Camilla – 36, Sydney
I feel incredibly grateful and privileged to have crossed paths with Louie from Make Him Mine.  After a recent break-up, his capacity to really understand and encourage me were a godsend at a very crucial crisis point in my life. I was left wondering if I was capable of ever having a healthy relationship and his insights into the dynamics between men and women gave me a better understanding of my past and hope for my future. I had all but given up on myself as being too damaged and relationships as being too hard to ever try again but though the time spent with him I’m glad that I have a fresh perspective and a positive approach to love and relationships.

Not only did he help me with a deeper understanding of why the relationship I’d just come out of had failed, he shed new light on how my behavior patterns affected my partner and vice versa.  He also helped me to understand and accept the healthy differences between men and women in general in a way that I could relate to. This gave me a practical understanding of the wants and needs of both genders that had been largely overlooked in my previous search for answers.

I would highly recommend Louie and Make Him Mine to anyone seeking a change in perspective or real advice regarding relationships. His no bullshit approach has opened my eyes in more ways than one and has, more importantly, made me realise that with the right approach and their fundamental understanding of how men and women relate, anyone is capable of having a healthy long lasting relationship.

Melanie – 27, Melbourne
When I first met with Andrew I was a little bit apprehensive about this whole coaching thing but as soon as I met him I felt a sense of peace and was reassured by his friendly demeanor. I felt very comfortable around him and opened up quickly about what was happening in my love life. I decided to see Andrew because I had started seeing a guy whom I really started to like and I was looking for something more in the way of commitment. I had been struggling with getting him to open up to me more on an emotional level and through the coaching I’ve understood how exactly to do that.

I was also worried that due to the fact that I’m a waitress and my partner is a pilot that my partner wouldn’t think I was good enough for the long-term so my self-esteem was rather low as I felt I had nothing to offer. Andrew quickly picked up on that and I started to really live the fact that I am worthy of love irrespective of my job and that my job doesn’t define me. He really got me to own that my inner beauty is what my partner was attracted to and its what will compel him to commit to me. After several weeks of working together I had this man opening up to me emotionally and has declared his love for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier!

What I learned was specifically tailored to me and I feel this is why the coaching worked. I really cannot thank Andrew and the team at Make Him Mine enough. They were very patient with me and understood exactly what I needed. I know some days were a bit of a struggle to get through to me but you did and I am truly grateful. You gave me a new perspective on men and I honestly can say I’m looking forward to what the future has to offer. Thanks again. Much love.

Jo – 28, Brisbane

Before I talk about my experience with Make Him Mine I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Working with Louie was a much needed eye opening process and I can now see relationships clearly instead of the rose coloured glasses that I was looking at them through previously. I first met with Louie and we sat down over for an initial consultation just after my recent 1 year relationship had ended as it just wasn’t working out. He really broke down my whole relationship and through my time spent with him I was more clearly able to understand that we were both great people but just on 2 completely different paths in life. He helped me really clarify my values and I have a completely different perspective on what is good for me. Louie has this uncanny ability to really dig deep and he collapsed the self limiting beliefs I had about going for the type of man I really wanted and the issues I had in regards to myself.  My dating life has never been better as I’m filtering the available men more quickly with what I’ve learned from the coaching and also in respect to my values. Watch out dating world I’m here to attack like a sexy confident woman!

Samantha – 32, Melbourne
I must admit before starting doing work with Make Him Mine, I had a lot of initial skepticism as the coaches are men. I saw they had a free consultation so I took them up on their offer I as I figured I had nothing to lose. When I did the initial consultation I was absolutely taken a back about how much Andrew knew about dating and the dating world. I run a successful business and don’t have that much time to dedicate to dating but I also want to be happy in a relationship. When I do go out on dates I want to know that the man I’m dating is the one for me or not sooner rather than later. After the coaching I’ve found that the dates I’m having now are that much better so I’m really glad that I went through their coaching process. We went through my past relationships and even though I didn’t want to hear what he told me at times I know I needed to hear it and address it. Through this we uncovered the kind of man that would complement me and that I see myself being happy with. As I’m time poor, they set me with a unique coaching program that fit into my busy schedule and we set up an online dating profile to attract the guys I actually am compatible. I’m happy to report the quality of men who are messaging me has gone way up! Andrew was very professional and his expertise and knowledge far exceed my initial expectations. Thank you again for your services even if you are a man ;)